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Jumper Spider Gallery By Minigunas

Hi, so I decided to put almost all my jumping spiders photos to one place. I think that jumping spiders are my favourite subject to photograph. I must say, that I discovered them not very long ago. I got interested and started to learn about them a little, where they live, what they eat etc. So I became obsessed with them, for hours I was snooping around my yard looking for them. They are pretty much hard to find, if you don't know where to look.

So anyway, here's some interesting facts about them from wikipedia:

-Jumping spiders have good vision and use it for hunting and navigating.

-They are capable of jumping from place to place, secured by a silk tether.

-Most jumping spiders can jump several times the length of their body.

-Jumping spiders have very good vision.

-Jumping spiders are active hunters, which means that they do not rely on a web to catch their prey. Instead, these spiders stalk their prey. They use their superior eyesight to distinguish and track their intended meals, often for several inches. Then they pounce, giving the insect little to no time to react before succumbing to the spider's venom.

Well, they are pretty amazing aren't they, especially their "lenses"!

So, here's my collection of them, hope you like :>


All photos was taken with Canon 450D, 18-55 mm reversed lenses.

And here's short video of jumping spider...

Feel free to comment :)

By Mindaugas Balciauskas

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